Week 1 Programming – Blogging is Cool Right?

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Programming

I’m working on getting Camille to come workout with us.

I guess I dropped the ball and should’ve started this when I posted the 1st week of programming. Whatever. Lets pretend like I did.  I plan to use this blog to post our schedule for the garage here:

Tim’s Gym Schedule

Funny shit like this:

Pictures like this:


She already worksout with us. Sometimes dressed like this.

And the weekly programming like below.

For now, heres the 1st week of my super secret 6 week programming experiment (pretend like you haven’t seen it yet).

**WOD 1, Day 1: Baseline Test**

a) Spend 5-10 minutes warming up with dynamic movements (jogging, jumping, squats, arm circles, toe touches, etc. NO STATIC STRETCHING!)
b) Complete Three (3) 100m sprints with a 1 minute rest between each sprint. Record your fastest sprint in seconds.
c) In 12 minutes, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of: 5 hand release push ups, 10 butterfly style sit ups and 15 air squats. Record score (e.g. 13 rounds + 5 push ups + 6 situps.)
d) Rest exactly 3 minutes from the finish of part C then immediately Run 400m as fast as possible. Record your time in minutes/seconds.

*Notes for WOD 1- A 100m sprint = 330ft= about 110 steps. A 400m run = 1/4 mile = 1 time around a high school track. Use your best guess for distances, just be sure to always run that same distance depending on what the workout calls for. A hand release push up simply means you start in a normal push up position, go down to the ground and must lift both hands off of the ground before pushing back up. This assures that your chest touches the ground every rep. If it is very difficult to perform 5 of these push ups in a row, you may instead perform these from your knees. For the situp, you must sit “butterfly style” with your feet together (bottoms touching). Lay back to the ground, touch both hands to the ground above your head, sit up to 90 degrees and touch the tip of your toes. For the squat, begin standing tall, send your butt back as you descend downward while fighting to keep your chest up. Your hips must pass below parallel (below your knee) before you stand up and squeeze your butt at the top. Always fight to maintain a tight lumbar curve in your lower back. When the baseline test is completed, post your scores and thoughts under the comments of this post, like this: “Wod 1- 13.5 seconds, 13rds+5push ups+10 situps+2 squats, 1:25. Sprinting felt fast and good. The situps were hardest, squats were easy and running FELT SLOW!”

**WOD 2, Day 2: Burpees**

a) Spend 5-10 minutes warming up with dynamic movements (jogging, jumping, squats, arm circles, toe touches, etc. NO STATIC STRETCHING!)
b) Spend 10 minutes working on Handstand Skills. (Hold a handstand against a wall for max time, shoulder taps, have someone spot your ankles while you hold a handstand, etc.)
c) Complete the following as fast as possible: 21 lunge steps (21 each leg), 21 butterfly sit ups, 21 burpees, run 200m, 15 lunge steps (15 each leg), 15 sit ups, 15 burpees, run 200m, 9 lunge steps (9 each leg), 9 situps, 9 burpees, run 200m.

*Notes for WOD 2- Here is a video of Carl Paoli working on Handstand Progression. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd09gcXCXc8&feature=plcp. Hes a great resource for handstand work with other great videos on youtube. In the future, I will write the format for the metcon as 21-15-9 of lunge steps (each leg), situps and burpees. Run 200m at the end of each round. For the lunge, step out until you back knee gently touches the ground. The knee of the leg you’re stepping with SHOULD NOT go past your toe. Situps are butterfly style as in WOD 1. For the burpees, the standard is to simply touch your chest to the ground, jump up to a standing position, and clap over your hands over your head as you jump off the ground. Youtube it if you’re unfamiliar. Post your scores like this: “WOD 2- 15:06. How do people walk on their hands? I HATE BURPEES!”


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